With so much choice out there, its sometimes hard to know what the key products are for a good workout. We asked one of Tribute Boxing’s top trainers for his 5 kit bag essentials. If you have these at home, you’re all set!

1. 120” Elite Hand Wraps: a necessity for protecting your hands. 

2. EX Boxing Gloves: these are light weight and they pack a mean punch. Firmly wrap the material around the wrist three times. 

3. Impact EX Punch Mitt: an essential for any boxing training. Loop material around the thumb and wrist all the way to the knuckles.

4. Cable Weight Jump Rope: ideal for a quick full body warm up.Keep fingers spread whilst wrapping material over all knuckles 3 times.

5. Workout Towel: because you’re always going to work up a sweat!